Monday, August 6, 2012

How to be a Homeowner Again (After Foreclosure)

You may still feel a bit of stigma attached to the terms 'foreclosure' or 'bankruptcy', but not nearly as bad as what it was 20 years ago. The bust of the housing bubble is still leaving thousands of homeowners in shock but there are still several ways to become a homeowner once again. While time may heal the remorse over losing your home, remaining inactive will get you nowhere. Follow some of the advice below and start working right now to get that home again.

DO come up with your new disposable income so you know where to start. Losing a job prior to a foreclosure can be hard, but secure another position, even if it is half the pay, and move on.

DO NOT refuse to accept the scenario you are now faced with. Getting angry and demanding help from a financial institution will get you nowhere fast. It could also eliminate a good financial option in the future.

DO read up and pay attention to articles that introduce you to new methods of buying a home that you never knew existed. Many homeowners that have been faced with your similar situation have opted for a short sale and sold to an investor. Some of these buyers are looking to find individuals, just like you, to offer rent-to-own options.

DO NOT expect to have the same credit rating as you had six months ago. It can be hard to go through a foreclosure but even harder to see a credit rating of 790 move south to under 600. The sooner you get a copy of your credit reports and scores, the sooner you will know just how much work you have to do.

DO learn to live within your means no matter how difficult this may seem. Remember that there are many families that have had to give up more than you. Apply for a secured credit card and begin rebuilding your credit by paying it off each month.

DO NOT begin applying for unsecured credit cards that carry outrageous interest rates to be able to continue your lifestyle as before. It will just take that much longer to climb out of your financial hole.

Facing the facts that you are going through a rough time does not have to be disparaging and an embarrassment. There are many that share your circumstances with foreclosure but how you deal with the situation will separate you from the losers. Find a few neighborhoods that you are interested in and inquire about homes that have recently been purchased. A short sale may have just been completed and you could be a prime candidate for a lease option home.

It may take a couple of years for government loans to be available to those that have a foreclosure or bankruptcy on their credit report but use this time prepare. Reevaluate your career, look at housing options, begin building a nest egg and always pay your bills on time. The days of waiting seven to ten years for a foreclosure to disappear from your life no longer exists and beginning a new life can be exciting. You may even find yourself wanting to get involved in the housing investment field after seeing the tremendous potential available today.

DO stay active in new financial housing programs, properties and the real estate climate in search of your perfect new home.

DO NOT decide that renting is your only option and always will be. With obedience, diligence, hard work and knowledge, you can come out stronger than before.

Even if you think of renting, consider rent to own homes as an option - lease option agreements are lease agreements where some of your rent goes toward a potential downpayment on the property, which you'd have an option to buy, two or three years down the line.

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